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Kodur Coconut Complex

Kodur Coconut Complex

Kodur Coconut Complex started in the year 2002, to help the coconut farmers, That time the farmers not get the correct value of the Coconut and in the correct time. When Kodur Coconut Complex starts, the farmers can get ready money in the correct time and less higher than in the market. So most of the farmers are given Coconut to the Kodur Coconut Complex.

The collected coconut processed to copra and marketed. The Complex act as a Nodel Agency of Govt. for the procurement of Coconut by the Govt. The Coconut complex procure coconut and produce copra and marketed to NAFED. After that with the help of the Kerala Govt and NABARD started a new factory to produce coconut oil. Here we procure coconut from farmers and produce copra - coconut oil. So there is no chance to add sulfer in the copra. We produce pure coconut oil. It marketed in the Kerala State and other states in the name of KERAMRITH. Last few years we exported the coconut oil to Soudi Arabia, Ireland etc. 

Now the we act as a agency for supplying coconut oil to Consumer fed  to the seasonal markets. Now a days we given Coconut oil in the name of Thriveny to supply Conumerfed all over the State.