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About Us

Kodur Service Co-operative bank

The Kodur Service Co-operative bank Ltd No F 1523 had registered as a Society on 30-03-1957 and started function on 11-06-1957 and later registered as Primary Agricultural Co-operative Bank on 15-08-1964 under Kerala Co-operative Society Act 1969 and started functioning on   23-08-1964. The area operation of the bank is Kodur Panchayath with its head office situated at Valiyad. Bank upgraded as Class 1 Special grade in 10.02.2009. After the norms of Super Grade were implemented, we have been functioning under the status of CLASS 1 SUPER GRADE according to the norms since 01.01.2016.

Bank having SIX branches including Two Morning and Evening branches. One Morning and Evening branch Chattiparamba functioning from 8 am to 8 pm and the Nooradi Branch functions from 9 am to 9 pm. The Bank giving 13hours banking hours to the members. The bank implements all the available modern banking facilities to help our customers at the maximum. Bank connected all branches with CORE BANKING, this helps our customers to deal with their account from any of our branch. RTGS/NEFT facility, Mobile Banking facility, SMS facility are given to the customers at free of cost.


All branches are interconnected via network to implement this facility. Now the Bank focusing to Core banking, ATM facilities and other moderns banking facilities.

Customer Service is our primary Goal

Our Team